Infrared demonstration on a grid sub-system

We have infrared monitoring solutions for all of your project needs

Our engineers have been hard at work developing industry leading infrared monitoring solutions. Our solutions provide efficient and reliable monitoring so that your organization can operate proactively to identify and mitigate maintenance and repair issues in your infrastructure.

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GridSafe SKID System

Thermal & Visual high-definition camera system utilizing advanced image recognition software for fully autonomous substation visual and thermal scanning with e-mail image alerts for the following event types: condition monitor, high energy even, moved object, injured person down, and station entry alerts. The GridSafe System provides Operators and other users instant post-event site inspection using a PTZ HD 30x zoom camera with night vision.

Vehicle Mounted System

Infrared Inspection Systems vehicle mounted system with optical and infrared live streams, PTZ control, recordings, snapshots, and reports. Powerful analytic and reporting software. We custom fit your vehicle with mounting, lighting, networking, power inverter, and more. Take your infrared capabilities anywhere, with minimal setup and speedy operation, enabling operators to have instant access to cutting edge thermal imaging wherever they may go.

Mobile Inspection Unit

The IIS MIU is a rapid deployment thermal monitoring system designed for a multitude of applications. From substation monitoring to fire management, the MIU gives customers the ability to monitor real time conditions and collect temperature data for future analysis. The MIU comes equipped with a solar rechargeable battery to allow off grid use for up to over 12 hours.